"Unaligned Chakra Symptoms"
Balanced Chakra Mantras

CROWN CHAKRA: LACKS JOY → zero purpose, questions existence, deterred by incoming feelings, information or visions, halts connecting, does not know the difference between self & others, avoids self reflection, refuses shadow work, disconnected


THIRD EYE CHAKRA: ANTICIPATES NEGATIVE→ Mind, obsessive thinking, limited, ignoring sensations from body, blocking intuition, indecisive or refuses to accept new ideas, ego, tangible objectivity driven, data duress, restriction, shutoff. denial

THROAT CHAKRA: RESTRICTION→ Inability to speak up, blocked, lacking trust, not being nurtured, insecure, unexpressed repressed desire.

HEART CHAKRA: SAD → sorrow, grief, loss, pain, hurt, emptiness, lacks love, alone, empty, abandoned, effort un-received, embarrassed, ashamed, humiliation, repression, mean cruelty, insecure, heart ache, lost, betrayal, forlorn, love

un-received, disappointed: stored genetic memory

SOLAR PLEXUS: FEAR → unaccepted, afraid, uneasy, frightened, nervous, anxious, hopeless, worry, despair, lacking control, failure, subjected to another or environment, powerless relationships

NAVAL CHAKRA: DISGUST / ANGER → critical, rage, repulsion, disgust, resentment, exasperation, annoyed, retaliates, stubborn, abuse, unworthy, defensive, guilt, shame, self judgement, critical, inability to accept or receive, denial, self abuse

SACRAL CHAKRA: TRUST ISSUES  → childhood issues, blame, violated, lacking boundaries, abuse, dread, horror, terror, immobile, rejected, indecisive, fear, insecure, changing moods, lack of financial or emotional support, creative insecurity, repressed


ROOT CHAKRA - FOUNDATION SURPRISES → unprepared, shock, threatened, lust, survival, overwhelmed, jealousy, humiliation, aggressive, pride, shamed, sexuality, worthless, addiction, enslaved, unsupported, blockages, disoriented

CROWN CHAKRA I trust in my higher purpose, I feel connected to the cosmos, the divine, the higher self, my higher mind, or universal god mind. I feel safe and trust as I search my soul. I find answers I am looking for. I trust the universe. I appreciate energies unseen. I feel the presence of myself. I know the difference between me and others.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA I recognize my mind works in tandem with all of my energy centers (chakras') in the body. I monitor not only the logical aspect of my life but I also monitor my feelings, others feelings, emotions, energies, subtle energies, physical responses, dreams and intuition. I am aware of incoming information and know how to sort it. I am command central. My mind is the medium between seen and unseen information.

THROAT CHAKRA: I speak with ease and flow. My truth spills out calmly and as if unaffected. I love and value my life and my opinion.  I recognize that for my happiness I MUST express myself. I am also aware there are remote times to be still and watch. This allows me time to consider another view however, I will still stay true to me and align to it.

HEART CHAKRA: My heart is full of love regardless of how others choose. I have no time to waste and I recognize that I must live my life through my heart. It is a creative processor that allows for passion, joy, completeness, fulfillment and wholeness to exist. I am created to share this love without a contingency. Life is easier when I am free to feel the abundant energy. I love myself and take time for myself. I recognize I must care first for me BEFORE I can love another. Once I've mastered this I become an example to others. Not because I need to be but because it inspires others to feel the same. I lead with my heart in gratitude!   

SOLAR PLEXUS: I defend my boundaries whenever necessary.  My body, mind and spirit are my own and only I call the shots for it. I am brave. It is effortless for me to do the right thing. I am fearless regardless of what I see or face. I am strong. I am connected to my higher mind to support me and I know how I feel. I trust my instincts and intuitive responses. I can overcome anything! 

NAVAL CHAKRA:  I have rich supply and my needs are being met. If not I will go out and get it because I'm worthy. I am calm, understanding, forgiving, hopeful and wise. I process my feelings easily. I pay attention to my environment, energy, well being and feelings. I am honest with myself and others.

SACRAL CHAKRA: Regardless of how I was raised or what I went through I choose what is best for me.  I trust that the universe, my intuition and my mind will support my energetic flow. I love my body and I reward it for being a part of me. I release negative thoughts, feelings, denial or any self depreciation. I am here to work in harmony with my gifts. Life is abundant. I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I am in movement and I achieve my goals. I am creative, honorable, loving and free.

ROOT CHAKRA: I am safe. I remove any blockages.

I'm entitled to a stable, safe and sane environment.

I choose what is healthy for me. I am whole. I am enough and I am worth it. I am consistent. I am grounded, I am connected. I am ready at all times to secure my life and those I love. I forgive the past easily and move on. My future is today. Everything I choose affects this. I trust I am on my path. If not, I trust I will find the answers and align with it! 

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