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Services Offered

EMANATION ™️  A deeply moving meditation guided by Dr. Juhl T Helias for the removal of negative cords and exchange of energies associated with any hindrance regarding necessary advancements in life. A series of the hand passing techniques below are used to release negative energy allowing the induction of positive flow (re-polarize). This can be done on site or by remote access implementing through the highest of intention in the manifestation of energy surrounding any meaningful subject.


BODY & SPIRIT Clearings: A process of the passing of energy through the hands, which sweep through the aura and will move, shift or clear out any unwanted negative energies. While facilitating these, shifts Juhl will describe where from and why these negative energies came into your aura and energetic field. 

HARMONIZING & BALANCING Chakras: Combining the use of hematite and electro magnetic fields, Juhl renews chakra centers while providing any necessary feedback for the recommendations or care of the soul moving forward.

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Wo
Flower of life in crystal clear, sparkli

SIGNS, SYMBOLS & DREAMS: The interpretation of dreams regarding any clients interest. 


CORD REMOVAL: The removal of unwanted energetic cord connections to persons, subjects, apparitions and or addictions.

SPIRIT READINGS: On occasion the spirit world may interrupt to bring in a divinely guided message. Juhl only works with high light, energy beings who have moved beyond the earth bound experience. Any other soul tethered to the earth is addressed, transitioned or moved on to a better place.

EMOTIONAL TRIGGER RELEASE creates a "Total Light Body Transformation".  Kinesiology is combined with other emotion clearing methods but this one is more in depth and inclusive. The body makes certain micro-movements when words or questions are called out while in a relaxed state. The body needs a voice. It has programs and stored emotional energy taking up space. When a system is “triggered” or backed up there is a reaction. This is subconscious expression throughout the body. This does not require any conversation or divulging. When the body has a “voice” or reaction, it can release. Many people experience freedom from “triggers” they’ve had their whole life regarding others, experiences and sometimes even addictions.

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ACTIVATE & TRANSFORM: Dr. Juhl uses 7 different holy waters from ancient holy sites known for transformation, transfiguration and baptism. These locations are famous for documented miracles, healing and enlightenment.  Juhl uses these holy waters during a session so clients experience it without traveling  the world.  When a session is complete holy waters will have be used 7 + different times.


Dr. Juhl provides validation regarding important events occurring in an individuals life. She is reported to be both accurate and safe. Its important for to her to be honest. Spirit or a.k.a. cosmic consciousness answers when a client is ready. Juhl ensures a comfortable atmosphere. She respects privacy and the client's process in their own stage of evolution. Juhl was raised by therapists and incorporates informative tools of transformation along with her spiritual gifts. This is considered a spiritual therapeutic process.

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