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Services Offered

First Appointment only is inclusive of all services below. Everyone is different so time will vary between 1-2 hours. Plan on 1 1/2 hours for 1st time visit.  The schedule will accommodate some flexibility. Then, after this initial appointment, any future session can be scheduled for any time frame. The average follow up session or "tune up" is  30 minutes to 1 hour.


 Experience a profound shift with the revolutionary method of what brings about a transformative "Total Light Body Metamorphosis." This approach goes beyond conventional emotion clearing techniques by incorporating the power of kinesiology and embracing a comprehensive approach. By delving deep into the core of our being, we discover that our bodies possess a unique language, communicating through subtle micro-movements that surface when specific words or questions are uttered while in a state of relaxation.


Our bodies yearn to be heard, for they harbor various programs and stored emotional energy that occupy valuable space within us. When a trigger occurs or our systems become overwhelmed, an unconscious reaction reverberates throughout our entire being. These reactions manifest as a silent expression of our innermost emotions. The beauty of this process lies in the fact that it requires no conversation or divulging of personal information. Instead, it empowers the body to find its voice and liberate itself from the shackles of these triggers.


Through the release of pent-up emotions, individuals often experience a newfound sense of freedom from triggers that have haunted them throughout their entire lives. Whether these triggers stem from past relationships, traumatic experiences, or even addictive behaviors, the remarkable power of EMOTIONAL TRIGGER RELEASE has the potential to set us free.

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 Juhl harnesses the transformative power of 7 sacred waters sourced from ancient holy sites renowned for their ability to facilitate metamorphosis, transfiguration, and spiritual rebirth. These revered locations have witnessed countless miracles, healings, and moments of profound enlightenment. By incorporating these holy waters into her sessions, Juhl enables clients to partake in their transformative energy without the need to travel across the globe. Each session incorporates the use of these holy waters, ensuring a comprehensive and multi-faceted experience.



  Juhl offers a unique blend of psychic services and alternative therapy, providing clients with validation and guidance in navigating significant events in their lives. Renowned for her accuracy and commitment to safety,  Juhl places great importance on honesty and integrity. Through her connection with the spiritual realm or cosmic consciousness, she facilitates profound insights and answers when the client is ready to receive them.  Juhl creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, respecting the privacy and individual journey of each client as they navigate their own personal evolution. Drawing from her upbringing in a family of therapists, she seamlessly integrates transformative tools and her innate spiritual gifts, offering a holistic and spiritually therapeutic approach.


Beneath the surface of language, titles, and birthdates lies a hidden world of numbers, each carrying a unique story, as recognized by Pythagoras, the revered father of mathematics. Juhl has mastered her skills in deciphering these intricate details, granting her the ability to peer into one's "future" or uncover the cycles and patterns that shape their lives. It is an exhilarating journey for all who embark upon it, akin to pulling back the veil to witness the true essence of existence and unravel the mysteries behind life's occurrences. By delving into your birthdate, in conjunction with your current names or titles, she unveils the profound purpose that lies within you. Drawing upon her expertise in the Ancient Naming Arts, Juhl bestows potent names and titles upon businesses and individuals seeking a fresh identity, even extending her wisdom to guide parents in naming their precious babies. This process of revelation holds great significance, offering validation and empowerment to those fortunate enough to partake. Furthermore, she may provide invaluable advice on how to sign your name, aligning it with financial abundance, personal boundaries, or unlocking the wellspring of creativity, thus propelling you towards unparalleled success and boundless horizons.

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Experience the profound rebalancing of your chakras through the gentle and transformative passing hand technique. This process not only realigns your energy centers but also severs any unhealthy cords to people, negative energies, or entities that may be draining your vitality. Additionally, any ancestral curses or familial issues will be addressed during the session. Rest assured, the atmosphere will be serene and conducive to open discussion, allowing you to express any concerns or inquiries you may have.

  Juhl will offer a sacred blessing that involves a downloading or transference of energy. This transformative experience can be co-created in collaboration with you, based on your specific requests and intentions. Alternatively, with your explicit permission,  Juhl can guide you through the process and facilitate the transfer of energy on your behalf. This ensures that the blessing aligns with your desires and respects your personal boundaries. Together, you and Juhl will embark on a journey of energetic connection and empowerment.


After your session, the recalibration of your body takes an average of 3-4 days, as both your subconscious mind and energy meridians harmonize and integrate the energetic shifts. During this time, you can expect to feel lighter and more vibrant internally but the whole body will undergo a transformative process. It is important to stay hydrated during this period. It is common for individuals to experience cravings for carbohydrates in the evening following the appointment, as part of the body's recovery.


To ensure a complete reset, it is recommended to sage and use Palo Santo to cleanse your home on the evening of your appointment. As a thoughtful gesture,  Juhl will provide you with these items, along with other gifts, at the conclusion of your session, so you are fully prepared. Do not hesitate to inquire about any aspects of this subject during your appointment. 

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