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L I V E  T E S T I M O N I E S

with Juhl's Clientele

Juhl T. Helias, Ph.D. is a High Profile Reader and certified in Masters Numerology with over a decade working in the metaphysical arts; in which she facilitates the care of the soul. Through the ancient philosophy of Sacred Number, she provides unparalleled numerical equation interpretations behind any personal names, business names, birthdays, repeating events, future events and present changes. She is trained in the ancient, traditional art of naming, which has history dating back over 2,000 years. Through this wisdom, Juhl makes suggestions in order to enact change through math, titles, business signatures, etc.  Behind all language is energy and magnetism, which has mathematical patterns that permeates all things and individuals. When a title or name is harmonized with the souls purpose and universal equation we begin to experience more happiness, positive polarities, new patterns, manifestation and attraction .   

Juhl is  a Spiritual Oracle (Psychic) and a Ph.D. Minister of Metaphysics specializing in Metaphysical Counseling and in PhD Parapsychology. The combination of her natural gifts and formal training, allows her to assist others in finding solace in spirit and become whole within themselves. She routinely trains other psychics and provides educational classes on “how to develop the senses”. Working with Juhl is a truly unique experience for any individual whether, they're well versed in the spiritual community or not. For those who wish to have a sincerely memorable, heart-centered exploration of their spiritual purpose, Juhl will help ignite that joyous spark on the path to their inner and outer expansion. Her clients have described their sessions as a "activation" while they feel the effects rippling throughout their lives as soon as they walk out of the door. 


Text for an appointment (no calls) 801.898.3338
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