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Delicate Fabric

L I V E  T E S T I M O N I A L S

with Juhl's Clientele

"I meet people when they are ready for a change." 

~ Dr. Juhl Thales-Helias

White Walls

As a Universal Minister & Psychic- Medium Dr. Juhl practices perennial philosophy and draws inspiration from Christian mysticism, Eastern meditative practices, and Taoist principles. Because of this, she is able to spiritually assist clients who come from a variety of paradigms.  Juhl is passionate about preserving the ancient forms of wisdom at a time when modern culture has gone through a period of de-sacralization.  Because of this Juhl is member of the theosophical society of America as well as a Patron to Cambridge University to preserve this ancient wisdom and the classical arts.

What sets Juhl apart is her ability to create a truly extraordinary experience for every individual she works with, regardless of their familiarity with the spiritual community. With a rare combination of innate abilities and extensive formal training, she possesses a unique ability to guide others towards finding solace on their spiritual journey and achieving wholeness within themselves. For those seeking a deeply meaningful exploration of their spiritual purpose, she serves as a catalyst by igniting a spark within . Her profound insight and compassionate guidance have the power to unlock the inner and outer expansion her clients seek. With her support, individuals can embark on a heartfelt journey towards self-discovery . Her clients often describe their sessions as transformative activations and continue to feel its profound impact and rippling effects throughout their life.


and Association


Patron of Cambridge University in America

Patron of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, Restorer


Member of Theosophical

 Society of America


Graduate of University of Sedona


Graduate of University of 



American Metaphysical

Doctors Association

IMM International

Metaphysical Minister

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