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Juhl's Oddities

Juhl's earliest childhood was living in Jerusalem, Israel. Her father was a Holy Land tour guide including Egypt and the surrounding areas. She was baptized in the River Jordan at the age of 8 during a tour. Later that day she boarded a boat at the sea of Galilea where a storm nearly capsized the boat. Her father suggested a song.  As soon as the group began to sing, the storm subsided.

Her first memorable experience of Egypt was walking through a low hanging corridor as a child entering the Pyramid of Giza. She felt a different energy that she says cannot be explained, only experienced. She describes it as an awakening sense of wonder to a purpose within the awareness of divine order.

Her first home, after marriage was on a Historical Register, built in 1881 in Utah. The walls were made of bricks, the ceilings were 13 feet high and smelled of old wood. During the day she could hear feet running and doors slamming. It was officially haunted. She could see a tall man following her. He had light hair, didn't have children and didn't marry while he was alive. Juhl also felt overwhelming chest pains in his presence. She had two children here. Her pregnancies were extremely difficult. She was on bed rest or in a hospital. She begged God to take her because of near death experiences. During these times, she was shown the after life. She was escorted by beings of light to the land of the dead. She felt overwhelmed by spiritual energies. When she decided to sell the home she fact checked the history at the county building. She found a picture of a tall man with light hair who was born in the home, raised, never married, didn't have children and who died of a heart attack. These experiences primed her future work. 

Image by Simon Berger
Old City Jerusalem

Hairless Cats Story 

Juhl thought since the pyramids of Egypt honored Sphynx's she would too. She chose the hairless sphynx because of her allergies. She wanted a black female cat with a birth sign as something divine or unusual. Because of her training in Numerology she searched for a cat under major arcana impact in numerology. She looked for 2 1/2 years.  She originally wanted a cat from Russia but by 2020 COVID could not facilitate travel.  After visiting several catteries and liters  she found a liter born in Sataquin, UT on  8, 3, 2020 at 7:30 am during an almost 3 day Full Moon.  That Moon Correlated with The Hindu Raksha Bandhan Festival, Israel's Tu B'av  Jewish Holiday of Love and during the Islamic, Dhu al - Hijjah.  The  first two kittens were born  (Staa'ra,  one of her cats, was second born female) 6 hours later the cattery rushed their mother to the vet for an emergency C-section, something was blocking the rest of the litter. It was a two faced cat! One head with two perfect faces BUT one eye (the middle) was shared between the two matching faces,  right at the center!  Its head was too big and  blocked the rest of the liter (this cat died and was named Odin).  The following cat died after then two more were born. The Second to last male (Dante) was purchased by her friend.  After checking the meaning of malformations in books from the 1500's. Juhl found that a "two faced, single head, one neck and whole body" cat in the liter was a good omen.  In Ancient Greece it was so good that coins were created with a two face ruler. A  greek God named Janus, representing, spirit doorways, gates or transitions from the past to the future. It means two shall rule but one shall speak and the ability to be omni-present.  Staar'ra's numerology is a 15/6 in master numerology. It is known as the light bringer or one who frees humanity. Each numerology set has a positive and negative polarity.  A 15/6  relates two numbered cards in the tarot. The Lovers with an Angel and The Devil.  After purchasing the cat Juhl found out her breeders mother was from Russia and the cats parents were born in Russia.  Another sign of "It's meant to be", even in a simple preference. 

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