ABC 4 - Good Things Utah

Manifest a Better 2021 with Numerology -Nicea DeGering & Juhl T Helias

FOX13 The Place

Using Sage to Clear Negative Energy in Your Home  w/ Amanda B Jones -Juhl T Helias

ABC 4 Good Things Utah

Centering Your Heart and Mind in Uncertain Times - Covid Concerns and Earthquake w/ Surae Chinn - Juhl T Helias 

Oregon Ghost Conference 2020

Seaside - Oregon

Into the Parabnormal

Jeremy Scott:
Interview with Juhl T Helias


ABC4 NEWS ANCHOR - SURAE CHINN & GOOD THINGS UTAH PRODUCER - MCCALL GRAY DO A  PODCAST ON NUMEROLOGY - Interview w/ Juhl T Helias, Master Numerology - See the Lucie + Gray Podcast on Itunes

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